Highway Safety Grants

Grant funds are awarded based on crash and fatality data analysis of who, what, when, where and why. Fund opportunites must be traffic safety related, should include a proven countermeasure, and must address to these categories:

  • Occupant Restraints (for adults and children);
  • Traffic Records System Improvements;
  • Emergency Medical Services;
  • Police Traffic Services (speed enforcement and related equipment);
  • Distracted and Drowsy Driving;
  • Community Traffic Safety Programs;
  • Impaired Driving (alcohol and drugs; youth alcohol;
  • Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety;
  • Motorcycle Safety.

Within these categories, funds are dedicated to support training, public information and education, equipment acquisition, staff support and program administration. Funded projects can provide direct services and/or system improvements.

NHTSA Countermeasures That Work is helpful in identifying proven solutions.