What is the NHTSA Standardized CPS Certification Training?

The NHTSA curriculum is a required 32 hour course combining lecture, discussion, role playing, and hands on activities with child safety seats using vehicle seat belt systems.  Participants will be required to pass written and hands-on tests, and take part in a car seat check event.

Where and when is the next CPS Certification Course?

If you are looking for more information, or when and where the next training course will be held, choose the Certification Courses tab on the left, or contact the Bureau of Highway Safety/. You can also go to and click on “Find a Course” on the right side of the page and select the State of Maine.

Why become certified?

As a Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician you will be a valuable resource to your facility and community, helping to keep kids safer! Three out of four car seats are installed improperly or are misused, thereby lessening children’s safety.

Who should take the training course?

  • Anyone working with kids
  • Police officers
  • Fire and rescue personnel
  • Medical community

CPS Course Renewal Training

If at one time you were a certified technician, and exist in the certification system but your certification expired, you may sign-up to take an 8-hour CPS Course Renewal class.  Renewal is an opportunity to re-certify as a CPS technician without having to take the 32 hour Certification Course again.

To pass a CPS Course Renewal, students must be able to apply technical skills with hands-on assignments and prove CPS knowledge through a written test.  Students will be provided a Certification Course Student Manual to review during training, and use as a reference upon completion of the class.   If an expired technician has not kept up with changes in the field it may be best to retake the 32 hour national certification course again.

The Course Renewal fee is $95, payable to Safe Kids.  More information is available at the Safe Kids website under Renewal Course If you are an expired technician listed as having been in the certification system, and you are interested in taking Course Renewal training, please call the Bureau of Highway Safety for information regarding future classes.