Mentor Program

The mentor should be someone who has completed one full recertification cycle as well as being regularly active in some capacity in CPS.  The mentor should also be willing to work with the technician in need of assistance.  All effort will be given to placing the mentor with a technician who has a similar occupation background and lives in a similar geographical location. 

Once potential mentors are approved by the State CPS Coordinator they will be given a brief orientation session by an approved Instructor selected by the State CPS Coordinator. Orientation will make sure mentors are fully up to date and aware of the resources available to them both statewide and nationally.  Mentors will then be added to a “mentor resource list” for selection as needed by the State CPS Coordinator for technician’s seeking assistance.

The brief orientation session will be based on an interactive PowerPoint located on the Bureau of Highway Safety website that an instructor and mentor can directly access for remote discussion.  Mentor materials include fundamental Child Passenger Safety resources that may ensure a technician is outfitted with the right tools to remain active in the field.

Mentor Materials (include but are not limited to):

CPS Advocates

Installing child safety seats brochure:

Familiarization with the Safe Kids certification website

Where to find information: Websites and Materials (i.e., LATCH books, manufacturing CD from Safety Belt Safe)

CEU opportunities online

When a mentor is selected to provide assistance to a technician, the mentor will contact the technician either by phone or email to review the technician’s pre-survey scenario selection(s).  The mentor will then work to support the technician at the level of assistance the tech is seeking.  The mentor technician relationship will increase confidence and skills – this may be done in several ways including attending events together, assisting on an appointment with the tech, going over areas of the curriculum that the tech is still unsure of, etc.  The mentor should keep a contact log of their interaction with the technician they are mentoring, and evaluate the technician’s progress and need to continue with the program.