Mentee Technician Role

The technician can enter the program through several different means – one, all new techs should be invited to join as they complete the technician training; two, existing techs can self-refer; three, a fellow tech can suggest a technician be invited to participate. 

The technician will have several customized scenarios (provided as a pre-survey) to choose from and will have the option of including additional issues or topics they would like to include in their mentoring or may design their own scenario from elements of the customized scenarios.  Once a technician enters the program, a selected mentor will contact them.  The technician must expect to self evaluate their needs and be willing and able to work with their mentor to improve their skills and confidence.  Technicians should make themselves available to work with their mentor at events or individual appointments, as well as reviewing the curriculum to reinforce the information learned, but may be unsure of.  The technician will conduct a pre & post survey, not only to help evaluate the program effectiveness, but more importantly to evaluate their progress.