Technician Mentoring Program

The Bureau of Highway Safety would like to offer an easier way for Child Passenger Safety Technicians to gain experience in the field, remain active, and network with fellow Technicians.  We have designed this volunteer Technician Mentoring Program to try to achieve these goals.  We encourage all Technicians, newly certified or otherwise, to consider taking part in this program.  Albeit volunteer, this program is designed to benefit all those that take part based on the experience that you will gain in strengthening and broadening your knowledge of Child Passenger Safety. Highway Safety hopes that you see a potential place for yourself in this program!

“When and why you should consider using a Child Passenger Safety (CPS) Technician Mentor…”

  • You are a new CPS Technician , therefore you are less skilled;
  • You do not have skilled contacts to discuss issues or situations with, or ask questions;
  • You are uncertain of your role as a Technician in an individual or group setting;
  • You do not attend car seat check events because you are unsure of your abilities;
  • You have been primarily inactive as a technician since becoming certified, therefore have not strengthened your CPS skill.

“Why and when should you consider becoming a CPS Mentor…?”

  • You are a certified CPS Technician that has gone through recertification at least once;
  • You remain active within the CPS field;
  • Is familiar with other Technician in the CPS Community;
  • You work within a specific field and can help other technicians in that field (i.e., fire, police, medical).