Booster Seat Curriculum

Children not properly fitted to a safety restraint are in danger of crash injuries called “seat belt syndrome”, hip and abdominal contusions, pelvic fractures, cervical and lumber spine injuries, and internal organ injuries.  The use of a booster allows kids to be elevated for a proper seat belt fit to ensure greater safety in the event of a crash as well as comfort in transport.

The Bureau of Highway Safety has a booster seat curriculum to share with 1st and 2nd grade classrooms throughout Maine.  The curriculum has been developed and piloted as a 30 minute presentation at the classroom level to 2nd grade classrooms in large school districts and/or combined 1st/2nd grade classrooms for small school districts.

Training supplies will be loaned to participating technicians.  Supplies include:

  • Dial-a-belt training seat
  • Low back booster
  • Measuring aid (i.e., stand-up-Sophia, tape measure)
  • Curriculum training disk
  • Curriculum completion certificates for students
  • Informational sheet for parents regarding the curriculum

School will need to supply:

  • Projector or equivalent

Technician will need to supply:

  • Laptop for showing the training PowerPoint

Proposal: If you are a certified technician interested in teaching booster seat safety, please present a proposal to the Bureau of Highway Safety.  Proposals must include:

  • Technician name, certification number, expiration date
  • List school district(s) classrooms and school physical address where you are proposing teaching
  • List contact name of person technician will call from Superintendent’s office to:
    1. Request a meeting to present curriculum information
    2. Request number of classrooms in the district
  • Number of classrooms technician is proposing to teach
  • Date(s) for teaching

Booster Curriculum PowerPoint Presentation and Supporting Materials:

Contact the Bureau of Highway Safety for more information.

Student Certificate and Information Sheet:

Contact the Bureau of Highway Safety for more information.