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SBI Supervisor

The State Bureau of Identification Supervisor manages the statewide activities of SBI while also overseeing activity within the home office. He or she is responsible for administering SBI's many programs. Specific tasks performed by the SBI Supervisor include:

  • Administering a statewide central Criminal History Record Information (CHRI) repository, Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) database, and Sex Offender Registry (SOR).
  • Keeping staff trained and compliant with SBI standards and goals.
  • Controlling release of CHRI to criminal justice agencies and the public.
  • Lecturing Maine Criminal Justice Academy students on taking fingerprints, laws, and SBI policy and procedure.
  • Ensuring criminal justice agencies properly submit information to SBI.
  • Making SBI's programs known in the criminal justice community.
  • Designing, integrating, and managing a comprehensive SBI information system.
  • Communicating with local, State, Federal, and international law enforcement and criminal justice agencies.
  • Preparing informational materials for law enforcement agencies and superiors for decision-making and related purposes.
  • Requesting staff, materials, and equipment needed to support programs and operations.
  • Developing and recommending new and revised laws, rules, regulations, policies, and procedures.