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Records Management Section (RMS)

RMS oversees the receiving, logging, storage, and microfilming of all investigative and/or incident reports made by the Maine State Police, both Field Troops and Criminal Divisions. RMS also heads the State of Maine's Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Unit. The Unit's website is called Crime in Maine.

UCR is a cooperative effort of over 16,000 city, county, and state law enforcement agencies with the Federal Bureau of Investigation to provide reliable criminal statistics statewide, regionally, and nationally. In Maine, there is a 100% cooperation rate in reporting crime information to RMS. The UCR Unit in RMS uses the information it gathers from the Maine State Police, county sheriff's departments, and all communities with an organized law enforcement department to:

  • Inform the governor, legislature, other governmental agencies/officials, and the public of the nature, magnitude, and trends of the crime problem in Maine.
  • Provide law enforcement administrators with criminal statistics they can use to make desicions on how to best focus their efforts.
  • Provide data and statistics to measure the workload and effectiveness of Maine's Criminal Justice System.
  • Provide data and statistics for reaserch to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and performance of criminal justice agencies.
  • Provide data and statistics to measure the effects of prevention and deterrence programs.
  • Provide data to assist in the assessment of social and other causes of crime for the development of theories of criminal behavior.