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Enabling Legislation

Title 25 requires SBI to collect and maintain fingerprints and other Criminal History Record Information (CHRI) needed to identify individuals who have been arrested as fugitives from justice, or arrested or charged with any criminal offense under Maine State laws. In 2000, alcohol or drug-related violations of Titles 12 (Maine Inland Fisheries and Wildlife) and 29-A (Maine Motor Vehicle Statues) became included. These violations involve hunting; operating; or attempting to operate a motorcraft, all-terrain vehicle, snowmobile or motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or with an excessive blood-alcohol level. SBI does not maintain CHRI from Federal courts in Maine.

Title 16 determines what adult CHRI SBI may release to criminal justice or public inquiries. Public inquiries are limited to receiving conviction data and pending charges that are less than one year old without an ending action. The statute also allows individuals to review and challenge information in a criminal history record.

Title 15 determines what juvenile crime information SBI may release to the public. When a juvenile is charged as an adult, the CHRI is treated under Title 16. Whether or not juvenile crime information will be released to the public depends on if the judicial hearing was opened to the public. This essentially means the public will receive information on adjudications for felonies.

Title 34-A, Chapter 15, Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act (SORNA) identifies all the requirements for Sex Offender registration and ongoing compliance. SBI is the agency tasked with maintaining the State of Maine public website which currently posts all active Sex Offenders registered.