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Identification Specialist Supervisor

An Identification Specialist Supervisor for the State Bureau of Identification oversees the work of Identification Specialists. He or she supervises advanced technical services work within the Bureau and directs the handling of fingerprints and legal documents. Tasks performed by Identification Specialist Supervisors include:

  • Ensuring completeness and accuracy of Criminal History Record Information (CHRI).
  • Ensuring completeness and accuracy of Sex Offender Registry (SOR) records.
  • Ensuring fingerprints are processed, classified, and identified properly.
  • Assisting in the identification of difficult fingerprint patterns.
  • Developing and implementing record management policies and procedures to improve performance while preserving the confidentiality of CHRI.
  • Developing and implementing teaching materials about SOR laws, recording and taking fingerprints, and other rules and regulations
  • Conducting training in critical job knowledge areas.
  • Developing goals and objectives for SBI.
  • Developing operating budget, position requests, and supporting documentation for SBI.
  • Interviewing, selecting, training, and evaluating SBI staff.