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Criminal History Record Information (CHRI)

SBI maintains the state's central repository of CHRI. The primary purpose of the repository is to collect, file, and preserve CHRI based on arrests reported to SBI by law enforcement. The repository is also vital in providing CHRI to both criminal justice and public entities.

An individual's criminal history record is available to the criminal justice community and general public 24 hours a day. However, there are restrictions on how that information may be released. There is an online public Criminal History Record search. This only releases information about crimes an individual has been convicted of as an adult and felonies he or she was adjudicated of as a juvenile. This service costs $31, payable by credit card(on line) and by check or money order via US Mail.If anotarizes background check is desired (such as for visas or international adoptions) then the charge will be $ 41. Criminal Justice agencies can access an individual's complete CHR through their own system.

Individuals are allowed to challenge incomplete or inaccurate Criminal History Record Information through SBI.

Maine organizations that require frequent criminal history checks for new employees or licensees may subscribe to InforME for a discount on requesting criminal records.