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Office Associate II

An Office Associate for the State Bureau of Identification performs advanced office tasks. He or she is responsible for receiving, identifying, and evaluating court records and legal documents and using them to establish, maintain, and release non-fingerprint based criminal history record information. Tasks performed by an Office Associate II include:

  • Updating criminal records as new materials are received and filed.
  • Preparing and reviewing criminal records for completeness, accuracy, and conformance to Maine laws before sending them to requestors.
  • Researching whether the subject of an inquiry has a criminal record.
  • Assigning Arrest Tracking Numbers to new electronic criminal history records for transfer to the criminal history database.
  • Creating new electronic records and removing outdated information.
  • Amending criminal history records to maintain accurate data.
  • Linking incidents within a criminal record to the appropriate conviction and sentence information.
  • Processing registraion into the Sex Offender Registry (SOR).
  • Verifying sex offender status, confirming registration requirements, and making required notifications to comply with SOR regulations.
  • Explaining SBI services and regulations to the public and Law Enforcement Agencies to assist with requests.
  • Preparing SOR information to prosecute noncompliant sex offenders.
  • Reviewing fingerprint cards for accuracy, completeness, and discrepancies before sending them to an Identification Specialist II.