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This course will teach you what you need to know before starting your work in Drupal

  1. Is there a Fee to use Drupal?
  2. How to Setup a Drupal Account
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1. Is there a Fee to Use Drupal

The Maine Department of Education's website is part of which is hosted by a contracted company named InforME. To offset server costs, support and maintenance InforME does have a service fee of about $25 per user per month.

2. How to Setup a Drupal Account

Setting up a Drupal account is relatively simple.  Simply have your supervisor email the Department's Web Coordinator with the following information. 

  1. User's First and Last Name
  2. User's State Email Address
  3. User's Billing Account to be billed each month
*Please note:  The user's supervisor will be responsible for letting the Web Coordinator know if the account is no longer needed due to change in job responsibities, seperation or any other reason.  InforME will continue to bill until the user's account is blocked.