Data on Processes & Results

As a part of the state’s general supervision responsibilities, a chain of events should occur when data are used for decision-making about program management and improvement.

  1. Collection and verification
  2. Examination and analysis
  3. Reporting of data
  4. Status determination
  5. Improvement

Public Reporting of IDEA Data:

The Maine Department of Education is currently developing a new reporting environment to serve as a Data Warehouse for current and future data. The new Data Warehouse will allow users to asses Maine school performance data and make comparisons to other schools, districts, and the entire state. It will also contain data on school spending, Maine’s student population, and staff members working in Maine’s schools. Until the reporting environment is developed, the following link contains the most recent state-level data publicly reported by the federal Office of Special Education Programs: state-level data are provided in accordance with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) section 618(a) (for children ages 3-21) and section 642 (for birth through age 2).

Additionally, the IDEA Section 618 data are displayed and published in a number of other user-friendly forms in the following locations: 

The Annual Report to Congress:
The Part B State Data Displays:
The Part C & 619 State Data Displays:  

Maine’s Assessment data for English/Language Arts, Math, and Science are reported in a separate reporting environment and can be found here: