At-Risk Students

Maine's schools have a special responsibility to all of their students: to use whatever resources are available to help them succeed in their learning.

Some students require additional support to overcome difficulties that aren't explicitly related to academics. The Maine Department of Education runs a number of programs designed to help those students at risk of not succeeding in school.

  • Alternative Education. Some students require an alternative to the traditional school setup in order to remain in school and experience success in their learning.
  • Preventing Truancy and Dropouts. The Maine DOE provides technical assistance to schools in developing plans to engage habitually truant students and those who have dropped out and reintegrate them back into the school community.
  • Reintegration from Correctional Facilities. The Department provides technical assistance to schools on reintegrating youth who have spent time in correctional facilities.


Gayle Erdheim
McKinney-Vento TDAE Coordinator