School Enrollment & Operations

The Purpose of Elementary and Secondary School Enrollment and Operations is laid out in Maine statute, in M.R.S.A. Title 20-A, Section 5001-A: "Compulsory education is essential to the preservation of the rights and liberties of the people and the continued prosperity of our society and our nation." The Maine Department of Education is committed to ensuring the rights of all Maine learners to access educational opportunities, including appropriate alternatives to regular day-school curricula.

The resources on this School Enrollment and Operations page links individuals to relevant school enrollment opportunities, resources, and processes, including information about Maine public schools, private schools and home instruction. State oversight of the activities of public and private elementary and secondary schools primarily focuses on public and private school approval/recognition, home instruction reporting coordination, and Superintendent Transfer denial appeals.

The School Enrollment Specialist works closely with the Department’s Student Assistance / Bullying Prevention Coordinator and Truancy, Dropout, Alternative Education Coordinators, and the Data Management Team / Helpdesk. For more information on a broad range of other topics, please visit Students & Families.