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2023 Fall Wellness Workshops, October – November

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StrengthenME, Maine Department of Education Schoolsite Wellness, and Workforce EAP are partnering to provide educators and school staff with free wellness workshops and confidential coaching sessions.

Join 30-minute wellness workshops either on alternating Tuesdays and Thursdays starting October 3rd.

On Tuesdays and Thursday, there will be two session options to join each days, 7:15 am and 3:15 pm.

After Hour Options are also available on Mondays, 6:30-7:00 pm

All upcoming workshops are accessible via the following Zoom link:

Cognitive Flexibility - Tuesday, October 3 and Monday, October 9

Description:  Being flexible is often considered a good thing, and it can be hard to find “stretching exercises” for our minds. This workshop explores how cognitive flexibility relates to wellness and offers easy tips on how to notice and flex our inner narratives.

Cultivating Joy - Thursday, October 12 and Monday, October 23

Description:  Joy is one of my emotions that we encounter in life, and yet it can feel elusive. This workshop explores ways to cultivate more joy through deliberate actions, as well as addresses common barriers to joy through mindfulness.

How to Have Difficult Conversations - Tuesday, October 24 and Monday, October 30

Description:  No one likes having a difficult conversation.  Whether at work, at home or with a close friend, a difficult conversation is something many of us try to avoid. This workshop explores why difficult conversations are necessary and how to approach them.

Letting Go of Judgement - Thursday, November 2 and Monday, November 6

Description:  We all have an inner critic that sows up from time to time, whether it’s directed towards ourselves or others. In this workshop we explore what to do with internal and external judgement, as well as practice releasing judgment through mindfulness.

Making Healthy Habits Stick - Tuesday, November 14 and Monday, November 13

Description:  In this workshop we explore why sticking with health habits can be tricky, as well as ways to turn our health goals into habits using the “stacking” technique and other tips to maintain habits over time.

Fostering Forgiveness - Thursday, November 30 and Monday, November 27

Description:  Do you find forgiveness difficult to practice when it comes to certain people in your life, or maybe even forgiving yourself? This workshop explores why forgiveness is important for our mental wellness, and ways to approach it.

Upcoming workshops are all accessible via the following Zoom link:
Thank you to all who attended and made the 2023 Maine School Winter Wellness Summit a success!
“Be the best you, so you can be your best for your school.”

Prioritize Your S.E.L.F.
Sleep. Eat. Laugh. Fitness.
Summit materials will be added to the Presentation/Speakers, Wellness Resources, and Photo Gallery web pages over the next couple of weeks.

Nancy H. Rothstein PhotoOPENING KEYNOTE:  Nancy H. Rothstein, The Sleep Ambassador® is a globally known sleep expert on a quest to raise awareness, educate and provide strategies to optimize sleep for all. Sleep is integral to health, performance, productivity, safety, and well-being. Recognizing that only you can sleep for you, Nancy’s goal is to empower people to enhance their sleep so they can live at their best.

Larry Weaver PhotoCLOSING KEYNOTE:  Larry Weaver is a comedian and motivational speaker that delivers a one-of-a-kind, interactive, and uplifting message. He will illustrate keys to a positive attitude which is crucial to success and simply having more fun at work. Larry will leave you laughing, learning, and better equipped to become more positive in your personal and professional life.

The goal of the Winter Wellness Summit is to inspire and empower participants to take care of one’s personal health and create healthier, more positive, and safer schools for all school personnel and students by engaging in health promoting and improving personal health and well-being and enhancing academic achievement.  This year’s Agenda and Program