Restraint and Seclusion

Chapter 33: Rule Governing Physical Restraint and Seclusion establishes standards and procedures for the use of physical restraint and seclusion. Physical restraint and seclusion may only be used as an emergency intervention when the behavior of a student presents a risk of injury or harm to the student or others. The rule sets forth permitted and prohibited uses of restraint and seclusion, required notification and documentation of incidents of restraint or seclusion, aggregate reporting of incidents to administrators and to the Maine DOE, notification to parents, response to multiple incidents of restraint or seclusion of a student, local and state complaint processes and Maine DOE approval of training programs.


Restraint and Seclusion Reporting 

Annual Reports submitted by Maine covered entities under Chapter 33

Information, Guidance, and FAQs


Guided Tour of the Original Chapter 33 Regulations (90 minute webinar)

Non-Regulatory Guidance

Model Restraint and Seclusion Incident Form aligned with Chapter 33

Emergency Prevention and De-escalation Strategies 

Maine DOE Complaint Process Protocol

Chapter 33 Questions and Answers

US DOE Restraint and Seclusion: Resource Document

In partnership with SafeSchools, the Maine DOE is providing a course to all Maine schools that is an overview of Chapter 33 at no cost to the local school system.

In accordance with Chapter 33,
“Annually, each covered entity shall provide overview and awareness information to all staff, including contracted providers, regarding the content of this rule and any local policies or procedures related to the use of physical restraint and seclusion.” (Section 4.2)

SafeSchools and Maine DOE collaborated to create this 25 minute, web based course specifically to address Chapter 33.

  • This course meets the Chapter 33 requirement of “annual notification of rule and local policies” (Section 4.2)
  • This course DOES NOT meet the requirement of having “a sufficient number of administrators or designees, general and special education staff, maintain certification in an approved training” (Section 12) See Directory of approved training programs

The Restraint and Seclusion Overview and Awareness Information Course can be presented in a small or large group setting, or on an individual basis. All staff of a “covered entity” receive individual logins. A description of this customized course can be found on SafeSchools’ Maine Courses page.

To register staff for the Restraint and Seclusion Overview and Awareness Information Course, contact Justin Moore at SafeSchools. He can be reached by calling 1-800-434-0154, ext 7028 or emailing at


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