Steps to View Past USDA Orders

School districts can view past USDA orders by following the instructions below.

  • Log into the system
  • Go to USDA Foods
  • Go to monthly order
  • Then monthly order list

This will list everything the delivery site has purchased as a monthly order going back several years.

To copy data into a spreadsheet:

  • Open Excel
  • Go back to the web system for ordering
  • Highlight the current school year months in the monthly order list
  • Select copy
  • Paste it into Excel  
  • Remove unneeded columns such as offered (optional)
  • Sort to remove 0 accepted amounts, the list includes items offered but not taken (0 accepted)
  • Resort by item, and the end result will be items purchased from USDA for the school year

This is only the monthly order list, not the extras. You will need to do the same thing for extras by going to the extras order page. This is only for one ordering site.