Maine Safety Center Topics

School Emergency Management Training

The Maine School Safety Center (MSSC) will provide school emergency management training for all our stakeholders and constituents. Our training will consist of a basic, intermediate and advanced training.

Threat Assessment & Mental Health

The MSSC will assist schools to utilize best practices in the development and implementation of behavioral threat assessment and intervention programs. 

Emergency Operations Planning

The MSSC will provide guidance, technical support, training, and facilitation to the school in order to assure every school in Maine possesses state of the art emergency plans.

Site & School Climate Assessments

Bridging the gap between physical and Emotional security our team will provide both physical site assessments and internal school climate assessments working with the schools to have a safe and secure school community.

School Resource Officers (SRO)

The MSSC in collaboration with the SRO association, the Maine Community Policing Institute and other stakeholders will develop model MOUs, recommended training, policy and legislation recommendations for Maine’s SROs.

Legislation & Policy

The MSSC will provide subject matter expert consultation, guidance and training for Legislation and Policy development and implementation.