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Title: You can help Maine rethink remote education*

RREV - Rethinking Remote Education Ventures is looking for innovative ideas in four specific categories: 1) Outdoor Education, 2) Flexible Pathways, 3) Extended Learning Opportunities, and 4) Online Learning. We are also interested in categories that are yet to be imagined.

RREV hopes to develop these innovative ideas with Maine Educators through professional learning opportunites and then share them with everyone through an online portal. 

The professional learning opportunities include: Innovative Mindset & Pilot Development (IMPD) Courses and Innovative Principles Workshops 

Innovative Mindset & Pilot Development (IMPD) Courses: Pilot teams of at least two educators (one has to be an administrator) will participate in a credit bearing course from a Maine Institute of Higher Education where their team will develop a pilot model to implement and share with other educators.

Innovative Principles Workshops: Workshops offered by local non-profit organizations offer participants the chance to collaborate with education colleagues all over Maine.

EnGiNE (Engaging Innovation in Education): A collaborative online tool which serves as the innovation hub of the RREV project.

*Remote learning means educational or instructional programming that mostly occurs away from the physical school building and is delivered in a student-focused manner that addresses a student's educational needs. This includes both non-technology-based learning (e.g., paper packets, in-person tutoring) and "distance education" as defined in section 103(7) of the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended and "distance learning" as defined ESEA section 8101(14).