2015 Milken Educator - Michaela LamarreMilken Educator Awards

The Milken Educator Award recognizes exemplary educators with an unrestricted, $25,000 award presented at a surprise school assembly.

This award -- funded by the Santa Monica, Ca.-based Milken Family Foundation -- has no formal nomination or application process. The Maine Department of Education appoints an independent, blue ribbon committee to recommend candidates who meet the Foundation's criteria.

The award alternates each year between honoring teachers of grades K-5 and 6-12.

The Milken Family Foundation makes the final selections.

In the photo: Michaela Lamarre, an eighth-grade science teacher at Saco Middle School is congratulated by students on Dec. 10, 2015, after learning she won the Milken Educator Award for 2015. Watch a video from the notification ceremony. | Read the press release announcing the award.

Criteria for Selection

The Milken Family Foundation sets the following criteria for recipients of the Foundation's Educator Award:

  • Exceptional educational talent as evidenced by effective instructional practices and student learning results in the classroom and school;
  • Exemplary educational accomplishments beyond the classroom that provide models of excellence for the profession;
  • Individuals whose contributions to education are largely unheralded yet worthy of the spotlight;
  • Early- to mid-career educators who offer strong, long-range potential for professional and policy leadership; and
  • Engaging and inspiring presence that motivates and impacts students, colleagues and the community.

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