Maine Learning Results

Academic standards provide a set of clear expectations as to what students should know, understand and be able to explain as they progress through each K-12 grade level.

Since 1997, Maine has had the Maine Learning Results as its State standards for eight content areas and periodically updates them to ensure they are aligned with the evolving expectations of colleges and careers in the 21st century. The Maine Learning Results were most recently updated in 2011 to include Common Core as the college and career readiness standards for English language arts and math, better preparing our students for success in college, career and civic life by creating deeper, more rigorous and clearer expectations for learning.

The updated standards, adopted after a public process in 2011 and fully implemented in the 2013-14 school year, emphasize more complex content and concepts and the development of needed real-world skills like problem-solving, collaboration, critical thinking and communication. These skills are imperative for Maine students to succeed and our state to thrive. The strengthened standards set a high bar for all Maine students, no matter their school. How Maine educators go about helping students meet and exceed those standards – including curriculum, required reading or school operations – remains entirely a local decision.

Shared standards with other states are not new to Maine. Since 2009, Maine has had its standards in common with New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont, when these states began using the same assessment, the NECAP.

Maine Learning Results Guiding Principles Standards

The following Guiding Principles standards were developed in response to Public Law 669, Section 9 Development of standards based tools.

  • A: A Clear and Effective Communicator. Standard A: Understands the attributes and techniques that positively impact constructing and conveying meaning for a variety of purposes and through a variety of modes.
  • B: A Self-Directed and Lifelong Learner. Standard B: Understands the importance of embracing and nurturing a growth mindset.
  • C: A Creative and Practical Problem Solver Who: Standard C: Is skilled at selecting and applying a process of problem-solving to deepen understanding and determine whether redefining the goal is a better way of addressing a problem situation and continuing to consider other alternative solutions until one resonates as the best one.
  • D: A Responsible and Involved Citizen. Standard D: Understands the interdependence within and across systems and brings to each situation the appropriate actions.
  • E: An Integrative and Informed Thinker. Standard E: Is skilled at using complex reasoning processes to make meaning.

Guiding Principles can be found here: 

Eight content areas of the Maine Learning Results