Getting to Proficiency: Helping Maine Graduate Every Student Prepared

Getting to Proficiency: Helping Maine Graduate Every Student Prepared provides technical assistance, resources and guidance for school districts to implement proficiency-based education and the proficiency-based diploma, and to do so in a way that promotes student learning and achievement of the Maine Learning Results.

This Getting to Proficiency: Helping Maine Graduate Every Student Prepared site will help educators achieve a common understanding of proficiency-based education, how it works and why it matters. To ensure that your district’s transition to a proficiency-based system is successful, it is critical that all stakeholders — administrators, teachers, elected officials, parents, students and community members — achieve a shared understanding of the process and its educational goals, which includes the use of consistent, well-defined terminology.

This site will also help administrators and teachers develop a practical plan of action. One of the features of this site is a self-assessment that will help districts and schools determine where they are and map out what they need to do. The self-assessment addresses policies, practices and community engagement. After districts complete the self-assessment process, they may explore our collection of resources to help them create a long-term action plan for implementing a proficiency-based learning system.

Building a coherent and successful proficiency-based system requires that district and school policies support the organizational changes and educational practices required to move all students toward a proficiency-based diploma. In addition to the resources Getting to Proficiency provides, Maine educators can submit questions to our technical assistance team, participate in regular webinars, connect with specialists at the Maine DOE and attend forthcoming regional and state professional development events related to proficiency-based education.

  • Education Evolving. All the resources and guidance on this site are aligned with the Department of Education’s school improvement priorities outlined in Education Evolving: Maine’s Plan for Putting Learners First, a comprehensive strategic plan that sets out objectives and action steps for building an education system in Maine that meets the needs of all learners, from early childhood into adulthood, and prepares them for college, careers and civic life.
  • What is Proficiency-Based Education?
  • Implementation Process. School districts in Maine and across the country that have successfully implemented proficiency-based systems have addressed three critical areas: policy, practice and community engagement.


Diana Doiron
Standards-Based Education Specialist
Maine Department of Education