Proficiency Based Diploma

Maine State statute 20-A §4722-A Proficiency-based diploma standards and transcripts requires districts to prepare students to graduate with proficiency-based diplomas in 2021.

Read the full statutory expectations for awarding a proficiency-based diploma.  

The successful implementation of awarding a proficiency-based diploma may require existing policies to be revised and new policies to be created. At the district and school levels, new organizational and instructional policies can foster common understanding across multiple audiences and stakeholders, obtain official support for new practices, promote the sustainability of decisions in the midst of personnel changes, and give purposeful direction to school leaders and educators.

Local policy should describe expectations for both educators and learning goals, while also providing the support and resources required for successful implementation. Well-designed policies help educators, staff members, students and parents clearly understand new requirements, while also building enough flexibility to enable teachers to personalize learning for students.


  • Statutory Requirements: The official statutory requirements for awarding a proficiency-based diploma.
  • Policy on Standards-Based Individualized Education Program (IEP) Goals: Developed by the Maine Department of Education, this policy outlines the requirements for the development of IEPs as it relates to the transition to a proficiency-based diploma and reinforces the expectation that students with disabilities have access to the general education curriculum as appropriate based on their individualized needs. 
  • Guiding Questions: Questions districts can use to guide action steps for policy development and implementation. 

The Department is in the process of reconstructing its support methods for helping schools award proficiency-based diplomas - resources will be added as that process continues.

For further support, Maine educators, and district and school administrators may contact Maine Department of Education content specialists:

For inquires related to grades 6-12 or the diploma contact Beth Lambert, Maine DOE Coordinator of Secondary Education and Integrated Instruction at or 207-624-6642.

For inquires related to early learning and grades prek-5 contact Lee Anne Larsen, Maine DOE Coordinator of Early Learning at or 207- 624-6628.