Special Education Office Hours: Transition from CDS to Public School

Maine DOE Hosting Office or Team

Special Education Services

Event Description

Today's training will focus on the Transition from CDS to Public School

Today's Power Point: TBD

An interpreter will be provided for this training. If you require additional accommodations, please contact julie.pelletier@maine.gov or (207) 624-6652 in advance of the training.

*This training will be recorded

*Training schedule is subject to change without notice

Location Details

This Training is held on-line via zoom 

  • Pre-registration is required for each person attending this training. A pre-registration link is provided below.
  • Once registered, each individual will receive a confirmation email with a link for entering the training. Each person's training link is specific to the email address of the person registering.  
  • To help us provide a safe and secure training we ask that registered individuals not share the training link from their confirmation email. 

For more information regarding this training or the registration process, please contact Julie Pelletier at: julie.pelletier@maine.gov or (207) 624-6652

Event Date