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MOOSE Team Leaders and Topic Specialists

MOOSE Team Leaders

MOOSE team leaders facilitate a team of module creators in the design and creation of an engaging, asynchronous, interdisciplinary, pk-12 learning progression focused on the identified topic area. Team leaders are actively involved with the topic team to support the integration of the identified topic area into the modules as well as to support the team in reaching their goals and timelines by scheduling regular meetings, establishing checkpoints, ensuring that the module requirements are met, and guiding the overall success of the team.

            project management icon  Project Management

  • Host regular team meetings.
  • Facilitate work breakdown and task delegation.
  • Ensure modules adhere to be practices in teaching and learning.

    topic knowledge icon  Topic Integration

  • Ensure that content areas are effectively integrated with topic.
  • Identify areas to enhance interdisciplinary connections.
  • Involve topic specialists as needed to provide topic expertise.

          project management icon  Technology Integration

  • Support the use of the various technology tools used to create modules.
  • Ensure effective integration of technology.
  • Promote innovative uses of technology.

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MOOSE Topic Specialists 




Beth Lambert
Director of Innovative Teaching and Learning

(207) 592-4398
Page Nichols
Chief Innovation Officer

(207) 592-1216

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