Participant Information

Thanks for being part of the 15th Annual MLTI Student Conference! We hope you have fun, learn a lot, and find yourself inspired to do more with the opportunities provided to all through the MLTI.

As you attend sessions please be an active participant - speak up, ask questions, and always be thinking, "How can this be used at my school and in my life?" The presenters have worked long and hard to be ready for this big day, so show you appreciation and interest by jumping in and trying new ideas and sharing your own thoughts.

If you are a student, be thinking about how you will share what you learn. Share with other students and teachers. Maybe it will be important that the Principal sees some of the new ideas you bring back from the conference!

If you are a teacher, be thinking about how you can make use of what you learn in your own classroom, and how other members of your school community might benefit from knowing about these new tools and possibilities. And as you attend sessions, please be thinking about how the conference could be even better - you'll have a chance to give feedback, and we want to know!

SAFETY MEMO - please read this before you go any further!

Session Descriptions - All sessions run in both Block 1 & Block 2, except as noted
Sessions by Location Quick Guide
Preparing Devices Before You Arrive
Student Conference Campus Map
Interactive UMaine Campus Map
UMaine Parking Pass Cars only, buses do not need to display
Bus Driver (and all driver) Information - TRAFFIC DETOUR for 2018 - PLEASE READ!
Healthcare - info on local hospitals/walk in clinics

How does the day work?
As in past years, we will all start the day in the Hutchins Concert Hall in the Collins Center for the Arts. Upon entering, be sure to have students move into the Lobby while one adult stays behind to check in at the registration desk. Direct students to get (and wear to assure visibility) a t-shirt and grab refreshments. Perhaps a restroom visit would be in order after the long trip! We have just enough t-shirts for each student to have one - please remind your students to take ONLY one shirt - do not grab one for a friend - to ensure every student can receive one.

The opening welcome and keynote will be held right in the Hutchins Concert Hall. Once those end, we break up and everyone heads out to Block 1 and Block 2. There are many sessions offered in both blocks across the UMaine campus, but there is always a chance that you won't get your first choice. Don't panic!! - MOST sessions are being offered both Block 1 & Block 2!!! Please keep that in mind while planning. If you find a session full, remember there will be lots of good stuff going on, maybe right next door, and there is a good chance there is room for you there.

A great way to plan for the conference is to pick 2 or 3 sessions in Block 1 and Block 2 that will be of interest to you. That way, you'll already know where you'll want to be and have the necessary software downloaded.

Also, be sure you know about LOCATIONS! Knowing what session you want to be in is important, but you also need to know the name of the building and where that building is located, as well as room number! Use the map below (and included in your conference folders) to get yourself ready.

After Block 1 & Block 2, we break for lunch (check your assignment). After lunch we'll join back together for Block 3 in the Hutchins Concert Hall! Watch the clock because you will absolutely want to be in your seat in the Hutchins Concert Hall at 1:10pm because Block 3 is the Uber Session!!

What's included? Do students need to bring money?
Morning snacks and lunch are included. Students will also receive t-shirts in the morning! Students shouldn't need to bring money unless you have planned an alternate stop or they wish to shop in the campus bookstore.

Prior to the conference

A week before the event
Make sure you have your final roster turned into MLTI.

Have you worked with your technology staff, if necessary, to remove any proxies? Networkmaine reminds all participants: "In order to prevent participant connectivity problems, site administrators should remove any HTTP proxy settings on devices that will be used during the conference."

Start talking to your group - review sessions for Block 1 and Block 2, make a plan on what to do if anyone gets separated and ensure they are prepared to be without a backpack! Share the Conference Information link with students - they will always have access to a map right on their device. You may also print maps and we'll have some available at the conference.

A few days before the event
Remind students of the plan. Make sure they have selected not only a first choice for both Block 1 and Block 2, but a second and third just in case their first choice is full. Remind students to download all the required software ahead of time!

The day before!
Are you excited? We are!
Remind your students to fully charge their devices. Encourage everyone to check the weather for the Orono region and dress accordingly! We'll be walking outside so if rain is predicted or the weather is hot, you'll want proper attire.

The day after!
Relax! Watch for a feedback form to be sent out. Have students complete the feedback as a follow up to the event. The suggestions we recieve help us plan for next year!

We read your feeedback!

Thank you again for coming!