Help Desk Information

The AppleCare Help Desk is available Monday through Friday, 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM (EST) and Saturday and Sunday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (EST). Before contacting them, please be prepared to provide:
• Your name, telephone number, and location
• The unit’s serial number
• Description of the problem, and steps to reproduce the problem

By Phone To contact the AppleCare Help Desk, by phone, call 1-800-919-2775, and when prompted, enter access code: 4MLTI (46584).

By Online Chat Users may alternatively contact the via the MLTI Applecare Help Desk Online Chat, which is available during the same hours as the regular telephone help desk.

Any MLTI device user may call the Apple Help Desk with questions. Help Desk personnel will assign a case number for each call, and will attempt to resolve the problem. If, in the opinion of Help Desk personnel, an MLTI device requires repair, it must be given to the school’s Technical Lead, along with the case number assigned by the Help Desk. The Technical Lead will try to troubleshoot and repair an MLTI device, and if unsuccessful, will dispatch the MLTI device to the MLTI Local Depot for repair.

If the Help Desk determines that the problem is outside of their range of knowledge, please request a case number. Give the case number to your school's Technical Lead. Once you've contacted your Tech Lead, the Tech Lead will either assist in resolving the issue or contact the Help Desk with your case number and ask them to escalate your case to the local project team. Please follow the instructions below to escalate your MLTI issue to the local project team.

AppleCare Help Desk Escalation Procedure
1. You must be the listed Tech Lead in the Asset Manager to escalate.
2. You will need to have an MLTI device serial number ready to provide to the call agent.
3. If the call agent is not able to resolve your issue, ask that they escalate the case to the local project team.
4. Ask the call agent for your case number and verify that they have escalated the case. You will be contacted by the local project team within 2 business days.