MLTI Policy


All MLTI devices deployed as part of MLTI are the property of the Maine Department of Education and are being provided for the exclusive use of each participating school's students and their teachers and staff.

Lease and Buyout

The Department enters into a 4-year lease to acquire devices at the end of each annual opt-in period. Currently, there are 3 lease terms (the Cohort 1 lease runs from 2013-2017; Cohort 2 runs from 2014-2018; Cohort 3 runs from 2015-2019). At the end of each lease term, devices must be returned to the Maine DOE. At the conclusion of a lease, the DOE has had the option to return some or all of the devices to the Lessor. The Department may also purchase some or all of the devices from the Lessor as per terms defined in the Master Lease Agreement between the DOE and the Lessor. A decision regarding the end-of-lease terms will be made in the late winter of 2017. If the Department chooses to exercise the buyout option in the lease, it may pass that opportunity to local schools to purchase the devices from the Department. Schools are under no obligation to purchase the devices if this opportunity is presented.


For schools participating in the MLTI program, some seat costs are the responsibility of the school. The Department of Education covers the program costs for grade 7-8 students and qualifying grade 7-12 teachers and administrators, up to the cost of the HP seat ($254.86). Schools are invoiced quarterly, with due dates generally at the end of August, November, February, and May.

For grade K-6 or 9-12 student seats, the Department will adjust the amount due each fiscal year based on the enrollments of the participating grades as reported to the Department in October for subsidy purposes.


Payment due dates are included on quarterly invoices. Payments are promptly made to the Department of Education/Division of Finance. The Department makes quarterly payments to vendors providing equipment and services to the Maine Learning Technology Initiative, including those payments related to devices purchased locally for non-7-8th grade students and ineligible staff on behalf of schools. Therefore it is critical that payments are made on time.

Invoicing is quarterly and any inquires for alternate invoicing should be directed to Deb Friedman or to the MLTI Project Team.

Fee-Based Program

As part of MLTI, schools/SAUs agree to the following requirements:

  1. That any fee-based programs associated to MLTI (i.e. device protection plans) will be Board-approved and published on its web site.
  2. To include the MLTI equipment on its building catastrophic loss insurance plan.

Review the complete MLTI SAU Agreement form.

Local Requirements

Device Related Information

Take Home Policy

The Department wants students to be able to take the devices home to support learning. It is strongly recommended that MLTI school policies and procedures support this and do not restrict or make onerous such a process. Further, the Department strongly recommends that school policies recognize that students are in the best position to determine when/if it is necessary to take the device home at night.

MLTI participating middle schools and high schools are required to implement take home policies that allow students to take the laptop home.

Device Use Outside the State

MLTI devices may be taken out of Maine at the discretion of the local school. The Department strongly suggests that local schools set local policy as the local school remains responsible for the devices in its deployment.