Buyout for 2014 devices (Cohort 2)

The Department of Education is exercising the option to buy out all 2014 MLTI devices when the leases with Apple and HP end on June 30th, 2018. As in the past, we are making those devices available to schools for purchase.

Buyout Cost:

  • Apple MacBook Air 11" or 13" $48
  • Apple iPad Air $28
  • Apple iPad mini $15
  • HP ProBook or ElitePad $18

Buyout Process:

    April 23 - May 4 (Buyout Round 1)
    Cohort 2 schools have the option to purchase all, some or none of the devices in their Asset Managers. The Department sends email to tech leads at each Cohort 2 school to ask which option the school choses.

    May 4 - May 22
    Department works with schools to verify Round 1 selections.

    Week of May 28th (Buyout Round 2)
    Devices available for purchase in Round 2 are posted, along with lottery numbers for all MLTI participating schools.

    Week of June 4th
    Devices that were not purchased by the school of origin in Round 1 are made available for purchase in Round 2. Method TBD based on the number of available devices.

Additional information:

Only 2014 devices are eligible for buyout at this time. Any out-of-cohort devices in your Asset Manager (i.e., 2015 or 2016 devices) will have to be returned to an Enrollment Pool, unless your school also has a Cohort 3 or 4 deployment. Please contact Stephanie Pinkham to return out-of-cohort devices.

Any device that is not purchased by the school of origin is considered "returned" and must be in working condition, since other schools will be purchasing them. To be considered in “working condition,” devices must meet the following standards:

  • The device turns on and stays on
  • The battery holds a charge for a reasonable amount of time
  • The screen is not cracked
  • No keys are missing
  • Laptops open and close properly
  • All accessories are included (carrying case, case(if iPad), chargers).

Invoices for Buyout Round 1 will be mailed to schools not later than the week of June 4th, and payment is due by July 31st. Schools can pay with 2017-18 funds or 2018-19 funds.

AppleCare coverage for 2014 devices ends June 30, 2018. Devices needing warranty-covered repairs should be sent to the Repair Depot as soon as feasible, to avoid missing deadlines or causing a back-up at the Repair Depot.

If you have questions about the buyout process, contact Brandi Cota or Stephanie Pinkham