MEA Science Test Administration

To ensure a standardized test administration, the Maine Department of Education, in collaboration the testing vendor, Measured Progress, has created materials to assist in the test administration process.

For more technical assistance during the testing window, contact the Measured Progress Maine Educational Assessment (MEA) Service Center at 1-866-615-2745.

The following 2017-18 test administration materials will be posted throughout the academic year:

  • 2017-18 MEA Operational Procedures (PDF, 729KB) - This document is intended for use in conjunction with the MEA Accommodations Guide (below), and both the MEA Principal/Test Coordinator Manual and the MEA Test Administrator Manual, to assist schools with enrollment, participation and administration issues.
  • MEA Science Accommodations
    • 2018 Accommodations Table (PDF, 260KB) This document provides educators with the standard test accommodations that are allowable for all students. In order to make sure that all students are given access to test accommodations that they may need during State testing, it is vital for test administrators to become familiar with allowable accommodations and the appropriate ways to administer them. This document is extracted from the MEA Principal/Test Coordinator Manual and is intended to be used as a quick reference guide.
    • Read Aloud Protocol for MEA Science (PDF, 139KB)
    • Scribe Protocol for MEA Science (PDF, 107KB)
    • 2018 MEA Science LP Paper Version Request (DOC, 24KB) **NEW**
  • 2018 Principal/Test Coordinator Manual. (PDF, 794KB) This document is intended to assist in the coordination of all test-related activities.
  • 2017-18 Test Administrator Manuals. These documents help ensure a standardized test environment in all testing sites across the state. The manuals address the responsibilities of the test administrator and provide the required scripts.
  • **NEW** MEA Science Test Security Agreements
  • Test Design (PDF, 123KB) Learn more about the test design in advance of the test administration.
  • Testing Schedule (PDF, 231KB) This is a quick reference to the overall testing requirements for each content area. It includes the required amount of time and the order of administration.