Professional Development Resources for Common Core State Standards for Mathematics

The Maine Department of Education is committed to providing professional development programs and resources to support efforts in understanding and implementing the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM), which are incorporated into the Maine Learning Results.

These professional development resources have been developed and used within the State of Maine. You may use the book-study approach, which utilizes the NoteShare Notebooks, or you may use the Professional Development Modules approach.

Professional Development Modules

The Maine DOE encourages schools and districts to utilize these materials as a program of learning, organized here in a continuum of instructional modules. Modules were designed to be completed in numerical order, as each builds upon the information and concepts detailed in the previous pod. This will provide a fluid and comprehensive approach to studying the CCSSM.

  • Module 1: Introduction. This section is under construction but will soon offer an introduction to the CCSSM initiative.
  • Module 2: Alignment. How to read and use the documents.
  • Module 3: Implementation. Approach to studying the CCSSM.