Literacy for ME: Community Literacy Teams

A cornerstone of the Literacy for ME plan is the Maine Department of Education's commitment to assisting local Maine communities develop their own comprehensive literacy plans. 

The first step is for communities to establish their literacy planning teams. The Maine DOE is strongly encouraging Maine schools and/or school systems to take the lead by forming a team representing the birth-adult continuum within their community.  While schools/school systems are being asked to take the lead, community partners are urged to contact school systems if they are interested in serving on a team or willing to take on the role of leading a team. 

Community Literacy Team Listing This is a listing of community literacy teams based in Maine

Community Literacy Planning Tool Collection

To assist Community Literacy Teams with the process of constructing and implementing a comprehensive literacy plan, the Maine DOE has compiled a collection of tools to support the different phases of the planning process.  The tools in this collection are organized by the phases of the planning process, and each includes a brief description of this use. 

Go to the Community Literacy Planning Tools page

Literacy for ME Webinar Series 2015

In an effort to support the ongoing planning work of community literacy teams, the MDOE will be providing a series of webinars focused on various aspects of community literacy planning.  These webinars will be recorded so that they can be accessed for future viewing. In addition to the webinars already scheduled, the MDOE is hoping to add a webinar that will focus on securing funding sources to support community literacy planning. 

Recommended Team Members

Each team would ideally be comprised of between 4-8 members.

  • Early childhood educators/providers
  • K-12 educators (classroom teachers and special educators) and administrators
  • K-12 Literacy Specialists
  • Adult Educators
  • Family Literacy Educators
  • Directors or members of civic organizations and/or businesses that support literacy
  • School and community librarians
  • Health care providers
  • Parents
  • Other community partners


For more information contact the Maine DOE's Literacy Specialist Lee Anne Larsen.