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MLTI is taking technology integration to the next level and has assembled a team of distinguished educators, with the title of "MLTI Ambassador", to support all things professional learning! These distinguished educators will provide instructional coaching and deliver professional learning experiences to MLTI-participating schools and are now a part of the Maine DOE Team!

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Learn more about what the MLTI Ambassadors are doing to support MLTI 2.0.

MLTI Ambassadors work directly with teachers in the field to provide instructional coaching and professional learning. The also play a critical role in building a community of MLTI Practitioners.

community icon  Instructional Coaching

  • Support state-level goals in schools
  • Develop goals with educators
  • Work in schools - shoulder-to-shoulder
  • Provide coaching to support goals.

pl icon  Professional Learning

  • Develop and deliver PL for educators
  • Organize and coordinate events
  • Feed into state-level PL opportunities

community icon  Community Building

  • Stay embedded in their communities
  • Build regional cohorts
  • Facilitate regional opportunities for learning and sharing

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Meet the 2021-2023 MLTI Ambassadors

Rob Dominick

Rob Dominick

Rob Dominick comes to the MLTI Team from Brewer Community School, where he served as a seventh grade math teacher.  He has been teaching for more than fifteen years, starting his career at Sebasticook Middle School and later Nokomis High School in RSU19.  While he has primarily taught mathematics at the middle level, Rob has taught multiple subjects and taught at grades ranging from fifth to twelfth.  His interest in technology integration lead him to pursue a Masters in Learning & Technology from Western Governor’s University as well as Google certifications as an educator and a trainer.  He is also a member of Kappa Delta Pi, the International Honors Society in Education, and has shown a dedication to innovating the landscape of education in Maine through his involvement in MEVLC (Maine Virtual Learning Consortium), Introduction to Experiential Teaching through Technology and MOOSE (Maine Online Opportunities for Sustained Education) in addition to presenting at conferences both in Maine and Illinois.  Rob also has extensive basketball and baseball coaching experience at Nokomis, Hampden Academy and Brewer High School.  He lives in Brewer with his wife, Sarah, who is a high school math teacher, and their two young sons. 

Holly Graffam

Holly Graffam

Holly Graffam comes to the MLTI Team from Scarborough Middle School, where she served as a technology instructional coach.  She has fourteen years of experience at the middle level and has taught every core subject.  Holly has taught digital literacy and is a Common Sense Media educator.  She also has extensive training and experience in computer science and served on the Maine Department of Education’s Computer Science Work Group which developed a statewide plan in 2019.  Holly received her Masters in Teaching Methodology from the University of New England and a Certificate of Advanced Study in Educational Leadership from the University of Southern Maine.  She has participated in Educate Maine’s Education Leadership Experience and completed a Curriculum Director internship.  She lives in Falmouth. 

Kate Meyer

Kathryn Meyer

Kate Meyer comes to the MLTI Team from Mt. Desert High School, where she served as an English Language Arts and Design Thinking teacher.  She has been teaching for more than twenty years.  She was named the 2020 Hancock County Teacher of the Year.  Kate has earned Masters in both Educational Leadership and Literacy Education from the University of Maine at Orono and she is a National Board Certified teacher.  Kate has extensive training and experience in design thinking, adventure education and student-centered coaching. During her time at MDI, Kate served as an advisor for Operation Breaking Stereotypes, spearheaded the innovative Island Pathways alternative education program and has been the co-teacher of the Eastern Maine Skippers Program.  She lives in Ellsworth. 

Erik Wade

Erik Wade

Erik Wade comes to the MLTI Team from Warsaw Middle School, where he served as a seventh and eighth grade science teacher.  He has been teaching for twenty years and has taught math and science at Hope Elementary, Windsor Elementary and Spurwink prior to coming to MSAD53.  He has worked with fifth grade through eighth grade.  He holds a Masters in Instructional Technology from the University of Maine at Orono and is a Apple Certified Teacher.  Erik has always looked to be part of innovative technology cohorts like the MARTLs (MLTI Apple Refresh Teacher Leader) and the Introduction to Experiential Teaching through Technology.  He has collaborated with a number of organizations such as Maine Math & Science Alliance, the Gulf of Maine Research Institute, Maine Lakes Conservancy and Institute and Sebasticook Valley Health.  His other educational passion is agriculture education and he has won the National Excellence in Teaching about Agriculture Award, Knox County Soil and Water Teacher of the Year and the Maine State Agriculture Teacher of the Year.  Erik has also served as a baseball, basketball and soccer coach in the past.  He lives in Troy with his wife, Kimberly, who is a teacher at Nokomis Middle School. 

Jonathan Werner

Jonathan R. Werner

Jonathan R. Werner comes to the MLTI Team from Cape Elizabeth Middle School, where he served as the technology integrator.  He has fifteen years of experience in education and worked as a technology integrator and a Library and Instructional Technology Specialist at Cape Elizabeth Middle and High School.  Prior to that he taught English and Social Studies at Gorham High School and at Conestoga High School in Berwyn, PA.  Jonathan holds a Masters in Social Studies and English Language Education from the University of Pennsylvania.  Prior to working in schools, Jonathan received a J.D. from Columbia Law School and practiced for five years, focusing on education law.  He has also served as the ISTE Librarians Network President-Elect and President from 2016 to 2018.  Jonathan has presented at both large-scale events like ISTE, MassCue, NEISTE and EdTechTeacher events as well as events around Maine.  He is both passionate and has extensive experience in areas such as rethinking professional learning, reimaging libraries and learning commons, digital footprints, screen addiction, MakerSpaces and MakerEd.  He lives in Portland with his wife, Rebecca, and three children. 


Meet the 2022-2024 MLTI Ambassadors (starting 8/17)

Nicole Karod

Nicole Karod comes to the MLTI Team from Mt. Ararat Middle School, where she served as a science teacher and last year was the 6-8 remote science teacher.  She has eighteen years of experience as a classroom teacher at the elementary and middle levels including several years teaching in North Carolina.  A graduate of Maine School of Science and Mathematics, Nicole spent her formative years working in numerous roles at the school and worked her way up to directing summer camps for MSSM.  Nicole’s passion for leadership have led into curriculum development, spearheading student leadership opportunities and she currently serves as her district’s teacher past association president.  Nicole holds a Masters in Elementary Education from Gardner Webb University and a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study in Literacy from the University of New England.  She lives in Damariscotta. (starting 8/17)

Joshua Schmidt

Joshua Schmidt comes to the MLTI Team from China Middle School, where he served as a mathematics teacher. He has twelve years of experience at the middle level with half of those in Maine and half in his home state of South Dakota.  While working in South Dakota, Joshua worked closely with TIE (Technology and Innovative in Education), where he developed his passion for educational technology.  His experiences with customized learning and data-informed practices led him to China Middle School, where he led work around the mathematics department’s redesign.  That work resulted in shared math choice boards and assessments for all students in grades 5-8 while allowing students to progress through content at their own level and speed. Concurrently, Joshua took on other leadership roles within the school as well as innovative teaching in his classroom through game-based, project-based, real-world, and cross-curricular projects.  Joshua was also part of the Introduction to Experiential Teaching through Technology cohort in 2019 run by current MLTI SLAM Coordinator Kern Kelley. He is currently working on a Master of Education in Instructional Technology with a Certificate in Computational Thinking at the University of Maine.  He lives in Farmingdale with his wife, Krista, and their energetic two-year-old, Corrin. (starting 8/17)

Yuhong Sun

Yuhong Sun comes to the MLTI Team from Noble High School, where she served as a technology integrator, computer science, and Chinese language teacher. She has twenty years of experience teaching computer and technology-specific classes at the middle and high school levels. As the landscape of technology has changed, Yuhong has learned and expanded her course content to include programming languages, website design, web animation, game design, and Cisco networking. In addition to teaching these subjects, Yuhong has often served as a webmaster and filled technical support roles as well. She also has led many after-school organizations such as the robotics at the middle and high school levels, a web design club, and most recently organizes students to participate in the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow (SST) contest. In 2018, her team was recognized as the Maine state winner team and a top ten national finalist team for a project removing manganese from local drinking water. This project also earned her an Excite Award from Lemelson-MIT InvenTeam Program at MIT in 2018. In 2019, her SST team was once again selected as the Maine state winner team for a project fighting against suicide. Yuhong has been the director of the Noble Exchange Program for over ten years, bringing the students to Noble High School from other countries such as China and Italy. This exchange program has helped increase understanding of cultural diversity, foster friendship and promote mutual respect among people of diverse backgrounds and races. Yuhong loves cooking. During the pandemic, she fully engaged her students with fun extracurricular activities such as Chinese cooking. Yuhong received her M. Ed in Instructional Technology from the University of Maine and previously holds a Master's Degree in English Literature and Law Degree from Southwest University in Chongqing, China. She holds teacher certification in K-12 Computer, Chinese, and English Language Arts and she is also a National Board Certified Technology Educator. She lives in South Berwick.