Ordering Replacement or Additional Apple Accessories

To order additional or replacement accessories, please create a Purchase Order and email it to institutionorders@apple.com or fax it to Apple at 1-800-590-0325. The PO must include the replacement part # (listed on the table below) and the quantity of accessories you want.  

If you have questions, or need assistance, contact Tara Maker by email at maker.t@apple.com or by phone at 207-318-1070.


Replacement Part # Description Ed Price
MD836LL/A Apple 12W USB Power Adapter (iPad Air and iPad Pro) $19.00
MD810LL/A Apple 5W USB Power Adapter (iPad Mini) $19.00
MD818AM/A Lightning to USB cable $19.00
MD592LL/A Apple 45W MagSafe 2 Power Adapter for MacBook Air $79.00
MGY52LL/A Apple TV 32GB (4th Generation - 2016) $149.00
MC838LL/B Apple HDMI to HDMI Cable $19.00
MB572Z/B Mini Displayport to VGA Adapter $29.00
HL312LL/A Brenthaven Tred DROP Sleeve for MacBook Air 11" - Black $29.95
HL322LL/A Brenthaven Tred DROP Sleeve for MacBook Air 13" - Black $29.95
HG222VC/A Logitech Wired Keyboard for iPad (Lightning) $59.95
HK662ZM/A STM Dux Plus Case for 9.7" iPad Pro - Black $49.95
HFBY2ZM/B STM dux Case for iPad Air - Black $49.95
HFDN2ZM/B STM dux Case for iPad Mini - Black $44.95

Multi-Pack Price List

If you are ordering multiples of items (e.g. 5 adapters), please check the AppleCare Service Parts MultiPack Price List for cost savings.  For Multi-Pack orders, follow the instructions on page 2 of the MultiPack Price List.  

Ordering Replacements for Accessories under Warranty

Brenthaven Sleeves

If you have Brenthaven sleeves that are eligible to be replaced under warranty, please fill out this online form or email warranty@brenthavenhq.com. You will need to provide the name of your school, contact information, the exact number of sleeves to be replaced, and pictures of the defective sleeves. Under additional notes, please write "This is part of the MLTI contract".


STM Case

To get replacement STM cases, please fill out the Return Authorization Request form by following the instructions below:

  1. Under “contact information”, select “Consumer"
  2. Complete contact information
  3. Under “Product Information” select “Tablet Case”
  4. Color: “Black"
  5. Date of Purchase: Does not need to be exact, but should be close if possible.
  6. In the “Message Subject Box" Indicate you are an "Apple Education Customer" and your "school name”


Kanex adapter

For issues regarding Kanex connectors please work directly with Kanex for assistance. Email your school name, contact information and a brief description of the issue to AppleEdu@kanexlive.com and copy service@kanexlive.com