Device Request

This Device Request Form should be used by participating MLTI schools (Cohorts 3 and 4) to request an MLTI device from the Enrollment Pool to serve a student or staff member who is new to your school.  The school will contact the MLTI Project Office through this online request form, and MLTI will determine whether the school should obtain the device from an Enrollment Pool school in the area, or whether MLTI will ship the device from the DOE Enrollment Pool in Augusta.

If you have any questions, please send an email to the MLTI Project Office.

Please complete the form and hit submit. You will receive an email confirmation of your request. (*Indicates a required field.)

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Notes (i.e., special arrangements are being made to transport the device, etc.)

Once you have completed this request form, please hit submit. Your request will immediately be emailed to the MLTI Project Office.