Maine Learning Technology Initiative (MLTI)

The Maine Learning Technology Initiative is a program within the Maine DOE Office of Innovation and Learning through Technology. MLTI provides Maine students and teachers with unprecedented access to technology to help them teach and learn

In 2002, Maine became the first state to provide a personal portable computer device to 7th and 8th grade students and teachers, along with the software, wireless networks, technical support, and professional development needed to effectively use the technology for teaching and learning. The program goal is to provide State support and resources that will provide access to technology-enhanced educational experiences for students.

Eighty-eight (88%) of Maine School Administrative Units (SAUs) participate in the MLTI program. Participation in MLTI provides an opportunity for SAUs to receive a comprehensive middle-level technology package that includes personal portable computer device for every 7th and 8th grade student and teacher, along with the software, technical support, and professional development needed to effectively integrate technology into teaching and learning.

MLTI offers 2 types of support to eligible Maine schools:

  • Access to a comprehensive package of educational technology and support, created by vendors (Apple and HP) in response to a 2012 RFP. These schools are referred to as "participating schools;" and
  • Awarding of grants that enable schools to create and purchase their own education technology packages. Schools that receive the 3-year grants are referred to as MLTI Grant Schools.

Additionally, MLTI provides broadband and wireless network equipment and support to Maine schools


Deb Lajoie
MLTI Program Manager