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February 4, 2021 

We hope to provide you with helpful information monthly through the newsletter and office hours. Our newsletters will often include: 

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  • Fun Data Fact(s)  

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General & Title Specific Updates from the ESEA Federal Programs Team 

Title IA Reallocated Funds Grant Opportunity 

The ESEA Federal Programs Team is announcing the availability of approximately $800,000 of FY20 Title IA Disadvantaged and Program Improvement funds for Title IA reallocation purposes.  The primary use of these funds is to provide summer intervention services to support students who are academically challenged and meet the SAU’s Title I eligibility criteria at Title I schools. The plan for summer intervention services can be in-person or virtual.  A priority for awarding these funds is for a district to have a poverty percentage of 30 percent or higher.  Each application will be scored using the reallocation scoring procedures and a rank-ordered list of SAUs applying for these funds will be established.  SAUs will be notified in late March whether or not there were sufficient funds to support their application.  The due date for the application is Wednesday, February 24, 2021, at 4:00 p.m.  Any applications received after that day and time will not be considered. 

The FY 21 Application for Reallocated FY2020 Title IA Funds and Title IA Reallocation Procedures are available on the ESEA Federal Programs website at by clicking on the Title I Icon. 

If you have any questions after reviewing the information, feel free to contact Jackie Godbout at 


FY22 Preliminary Allocations 

Title I and Title II have received the preliminary State allocation and both Titles have a slight increase over last year.  At this time, preliminary allocations for Title III and Title IV have not been received. The ESEA team will be working with poverty and allocation data during the month of February to determine preliminary SAU allocations.  We should have them available in early March. 


Fun Data Fact(s) 

For summer of 2020, there was $850,000 available for Title IA Reallocated Funds.  Sixty-five SAUs applied for a total of $1.4 million and 36 SAUs were awarded funds.  For summer of 2019, there was $700,000 available for Title IA Reallocated Funds.  Fifty-three SAUs applied for a total of $1.06 million and 32 SAUs were awarded funds. 


Here are a few things to keep in mind as the 2020 -21 school year continues and February begins: 

Parent & Family Engagement 

As parent and family engagement activities are being conducted, remember to gather evidence of meetings including meeting notices, agendas, itineraries, surveys, evaluations, etc. 



We encourage Business Managers to submit monthly invoices for all ESEA titles. 


State and Local  

Professional Learning Opportunities 

Professional Learning offered through the Department of Education is a fantastic resource for supporting leadership development for administrators and educators. The Department’s professional learning calendar is available at This calendar has increased functionality including a search feature.  

For more information about professional learning opportunities specific to Tier III identified schools, please contact Teri Peaslee, School Turnaround Professional Development Coordinator at or (207) 624-6706. 

ESEA Program Team Staff Changes 

The Title III Coordinator and Cumberland County’s Regional Program Manager, April Perkins, has taken a new position within the Maine Department of Education.  The school districts in that region will continue to be supported by the remaining four regional program managers.  We are in communication with the individual SAUs affected by this change to ensure a smooth transition and continued support.   

In addition, the Title I Coordinator and Regional Program Manager, Monique Sullivan, for Aroostook and Washington Counties, has taken a new position within the Maine Department of Education.  The school districts in Aroostook County will be supported by Cheryl Lang, and the school districts in Washington County will be supported by the remaining four regional program managers.  We are in the process of notifying the individual SAUs affected by this change who their new program manager will be.  

The Title I Coordinator and Regional Program Manager Position Notice 

ESEA Title I Coordinator-Education Specialist III  

 Complete direct-hire postings with job description and application are available via the link below: 


Contact Information 

As always, reach out to your ESEA regional program manager with questions. Their contact information can be found at Also, your feedback is encouraged and appreciated. Please contact Cheryl Lang at with feedback and suggestions.