ESEA Newsletter - October 2018

Maine DOE Monthly Update
For ESEA Coordinators

October Update

ESEA Application and Performance Report:

Private School Carryover in 17-18 Performance Report

New under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), a local educational agency (LEA) must obligate the funds allocated for equitable services under all applicable programs in the year for which they are appropriated. There may be extenuating circumstances, however, in which an LEA is unable to obligate all funds within this timeframe in a responsible manner. Under these circumstances, the funds may remain available for the provision of equitable services under the respective program during the subsequent school year.  In determining how such carryover funds will be used, the LEA must consult with appropriate private school officials.


Below are the procedures that will be used to implement the new provision and maximize use of these resources.

Maine allows for initial private school carryover after June 30, 2018 to provide opportunity to implement any summer programming/professional development.  Once the September 30 statutory carryover date has been reached, the LEA must complete the Private School Statutory Carryover Page.  If funds remain unobligated after September 30, 2018, Maine is providing the three options listed below for the disposition of the unobligated equitable services balance as part of the Private School Statutory Carryover Page in the 17-18 Performance Report:

Option 1:  The LEA and private school may request approval of extenuating circumstances in order to continue obligating the remaining equitable services balance for identified projects.  The State Educational Agency (SEA) will consider extenuating circumstances whereby unavoidable situations impacted the obligation of these resources. 

If accepted by the SEA, the funds may continue to be obligated for identified projects.  If denied, the LEA and private school, in consultation with one another, will then have to consider Options 2 or 3.

Option 2:  The private school may, through consultation with the LEA, release the unobligated equitable services balance to the LEA via written correspondence. The LEA would provide the correspondence to the SEA through the Private School Statutory Carryover Page, and the system would create new project pages to be completed.

Option 3:  Both parties may relinquish the use of the unobligated equitable services balance. These funds cannot be obligated or spent. All remaining funds will be reflected as unspent in the performance report and Federal Grant Reimbursement System.

This process will be documented in the Private School Statutory Carryover Page and End of Year/Extension Carryover Reports in the FY18 Performance Report. 

Upcoming Deadlines

October 15,2018, in the 17-18 ESEA Performance Report:

  • Title I Carryover Percentage Certification: submission should include expenses and obligations from July 1, 2018, through September 30, 2018
  • Private School Statutory Carryover Report: submission should include expenses and obligations from July 1, 2018, through September 30, 2018

Professional Development Opportunities:


Regional PD Opportunities Based on CNAs

Under Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), Maine has developed a differentiated model of school supports that includes statewide professional development targeted to regional needs. Upon review of submitted statewide Comprehensive Needs Assessments (CNAs)/SAU Consolidated Plans, the Maine DOE is providing regional professional development to address the explicit needs outlined in submitted CNAs.

Maine DOE invites district, school, and classroom leaders and their staff to attend the many regional professional development opportunities being offered by the Department this fall. These sessions are offered at no cost and sessions information is provided on the Department’s professional development calendar. More information is available here or contact Chelsey Fortin-Trimble at

Lexile Framework for Reading - October 9- 11, 2018, the Department in conjunction with MetaMetrics® will be conducting three (3) regional ½ day repeated sessions in Presque Isle, Bangor/Brewer and Portland areas. Each session will provide attendees an overview of the Lexile Framework for Reading and the utilization of Lexile levels to support and impact instructional practice. More information is available here.

Attendance Matters: Connecting for Student Success Regional Meetings -Attendance Matters fall regional meetings sponsored by Maine DOE and Count ME In are happening statewide.  More information is available here or contact Gayle Erdheim at


2018 STEM Education Innovation Challenge Grant Competition for K-12 Educators - More detailed information, including a timeline, selection criteria, and the application process can be found on the Maine Space Grant Consortium website.  Applications are due no later than 5 p.m., Monday, October 15, 2018. For more information email


TransACT Parent Notifications – Part of Your Parent and Family Engagement Planning – On November 5th and 6th the Maine Department of Education will be hosting three trainings across the state to assist districts in using TransACT, a resource that supports parent and family engagement. Use of TransACT is provided to Maine districts at no cost, sponsored by the Department’s Office of ESEA Federal Programs. For details and to register click here or contact April Perkins at

Standards and Instructional Support:


Guidance on New High School Diploma Law - The Department has provided a side-by-side comparison of the two diploma options. Districts should move forward with diploma requirements that serve students with an understanding that further legislation is likely necessary to reduce the inconsistencies between the two options. More info here or contact Mary Paine, Maine DOE Chief of Planning and Implementation at or (207) 624-6672.


Free Books for Maine Schools Serving Grades 5-8 - Maine’s Libra Foundation to offer a “library box” of ten free books to every school in Maine that serves students in grades 5-8. Be on the lookout for an online survey coming to your superintendent or librarian. If you have questions, contact Shari Templeton



Update District Assessment Coordinators (DAC) in NEO - All critical communication about assessments, including the release of results is sent to the individual listed as the District Assessment Coordinator (DAC) within District Roles in NEO. More information is available here or contact Eric Buckhalter or 207-624-6770.


National Blue Ribbon Schools - The U.S. Department of Education this week announced the National Blue Ribbon Schools for 2018. Three Maine schools were recognized: Dr. Levesque Elementary School in Frenchville, Falmouth High School, and Yarmouth Elementary School