ESEA Monthly Newsletter

March 1, 2022

We hope to provide you with helpful information monthly through the newsletter and office hours. Our newsletters will often include:

  • General and Title Specific Updates from the ESEA Federal Programs Team
  • Fun Data Fact(s)
  • Friendly Reminders for Planning and Program Implementation
  • Professional Learning Opportunities
  • Contact Information

Virtual Office Hours

Tuesday, March 8 @ 9:00 AM

Contact or your regional program manager for the link

Fun Data Fact(s)

Grants4ME has a new feature that should help with invoicing! On the “Expenditure Details” page, the “hover over” feature now allows you to see how much funding you have previously requested in that object & function code, along with the total funds requested (including the new expenditures).

Screenshot of expenditure details page showing hover items highlighted in yellow


General & Title Specific Updates from the ESEA Federal Programs Team

Title I Summer Reallocation Grant Opportunity

Thank you to all who attended the training session for pursuing the FY20 Title I Summer Reallocation Grant opportunity. The recording of the training can be found under “Training Videos” on the Grants4Me homepage.

The deadline for submission is Friday, March 11th at 4 PM EST. Applications submitted after the time will not be accepted. Be sure to click on “Draft Completed” to submit the application. To have a complete submission, districts will need the LEA Fiscal Representative (business manager) and LEA Authorized Representative (superintendent) to sign off on the application by the March 11 deadline. This is similar to the process used for the ESEA Consolidated applications for FY22.

Please reach out to Jessica Caron ( with any questions about the application process.


Districts should expect to receive the U.S. Department of Education’s survey on the use of FY21 Title IIA funds starting on April 1st. Please ensure this is completed accurately and in a timely manner.


ESSA Data Dashboard

Districts need to annually notify and educate their families about the ESSA Dashboard. Along with posting the link to the state’s ESSA Dashboard, districts need to provide an explanation to their families about the dashboard and the information found on the dashboard. Tutorials on how to use and navigate the dashboard are provided there. We recommend posting this information on a district’s webpage and sharing it with your families.

School-Parent Compacts

This is the time of year when schools typically have Parent-Teacher Conferences and provide student Progress Reports. These are two components of the Title I School-Parent Compact. Title I Targeted Assistance Programs could share Title I student achievement data with families and send home Title I student progress reports as outlined in the School-Parent Compact. A Title I Schoolwide Program can use the school’s standard process for reporting student achievement or progress to families as outlined in its School-Parent Compact. Please take a moment to review this section of your Title I schools’ individual compacts. See School-Compact requirements in Section 1116(d) (pg.71) of ESSA statute.


The district and schoolwide CNAs should be reviewed and updated annually in the Spring. Once new assessment data is available, the CNA data tables should be updated, the existing goals should be evaluated against the new data, further discussions around data analysis should be conducted, future action steps/strategies should be determined, and refined or new goals should be developed. Ensure appropriate stakeholders are part of these meetings and maintain meeting documentation, which should include meeting notices, agendas, and minutes with participants and their representative stakeholder group listed. The district and school profiles in the ESEA Consolidated Application should then be completed using these meeting dates, stakeholder participation, process followed, and high needs identified. This CNA updating process informs how the new fiscal year’s ESEA funding should be used. The updated CNAs should be reviewed periodically throughout the year.

Only new plans for Title I Schoolwide authority are due to the Maine DOE’s ESEA Federal Programs Team by July 1. Otherwise, the district and/or schoolwide CNA plans are required to be submitted to the Maine Department of Education (DOE) as part of the ESEA Monitoring process. Please look at the resources online including the updated CNA Plan Template.


On-Going Consultation

This would be a good time to check-in with your non-public schools and review their current year project implementation--determine if any mid-year adjustments need to occur, ensure data will be available for evaluating the project outcomes, and create a timeline for next year’s consultation. They should have a similar process to the CNA (illustrated above) for determining their student and teacher needs to inform projects for next year.

Friendly Reminders for Planning and Program Implementation for the month of March


Please remember, the best person to connect with to answer questions related to ESEA Federal Programs is your Regional Program Manager. They will get you the answer if they do not have it readily available.


If you try to reach any one in the ESEA Department via e-mail or telephone (and we are unable to answer), the typical turn-around time is within 24 to 48 hours.

If you submit an application, performance report or carryover report for review and potential approval, the typical turn-around time is within two weeks.

Professional Learning Opportunities

Professional Learning offered through the Department of Education is a fantastic resource for supporting leadership development for administrators and educators. You can use the learning calendar to find these opportunities.

For more information about professional learning opportunities specific to Tier III identified schools, please contact Teri Peaslee, Professional Development Coordinator at or (207) 530–7672.

Contact Information

As always, reach out to your ESEA regional program manager with questions. Also, your feedback is encouraged and appreciated. Please contact the ESEA Federal Programs Director, Cheryl Lang at with feedback and suggestions.