ESEA Monthly Newsletter

April 5, 2022 

We hope to provide you with helpful information monthly through the newsletter and office hours. Our newsletters will often include: 

  • General and Title Specific Updates from the ESEA Federal Programs Team 

  • Fun Data Fact(s)  

  • Friendly Reminders for Planning and Program Implementation 

  • Professional Learning Opportunities 

  • Contact Information 

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Tuesday, April 12, @ 9 AM 

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General & Title Specific Updates from the ESEA Federal Programs Team 

Title IA Reallocated Funds for Summer Programming  

It is our pleasure to announce that all 42 summer program proposals have been approved and will receive the requested funding, an amount totaling $1,578,588.24. Every LEA who submitted a completed application has been awarded the funds and should have received an automated acceptance notification. If any LEA has not received this acceptance, please reach out to Jess Caron at and Rita Pello at

Title IIA LEA Use of Funds Survey 

On April 5th, the US Department of Education’s contractor, Westat, will be sending the school year 2020-21 (State FY21) survey on the use of LEA-LEVEL Title IIA funds to a random sampling of districts. Information on this year’s survey, as well as data from previous years, can be found here. If you have any questions about the survey, you are directed to contact Westat by telephone at 1-855-817-1704 or via email at  

Title V FY23 Eligibility 

The Federal FY22/State FY23 SRSA application will close on April 15, 2022. Once the application closes, the REAP team at USDE will send a general confirmation email to each LEA that submitted an SRSA application. After the confirmation email is sent, the REAP team at USDE will finalize the list of SRSA and RLIS LEAs and publish them in the Master Eligibility Spreadsheet. Once the final cohorts are published, both State Coordinators and LEA members will be asked to review the data and verify that it is accurate. If you have any questions regarding FY23 Title V eligibility, please reach out to Daniel Weeks at  

Fun Data Fact(s) 

ALL 42 Summer Reallocated applications were accepted with a request of over $1.5 million. Funds requested will go to a wide variety of innovative summer programs, including but not limited to, experiential learning opportunities, hands-on science and outdoor curriculum, educational and community-based field trips, student-centered interventions, and meaningful family engagement activities. The estimated amount of students served through these programs is 3,788! 

April: Friendly Reminders for Planning and Program Implementation 

Comprehensive Needs Assessment 

As we move closer to the end of another school year, many are thinking about the Comprehensive Needs Assessment (CNA) and what is considered allowable and expected for annual updates. Over the past couple of years, due to the contributing factors of the pandemic, updates to the CNA were not as comprehensive or useful as its intended purpose. 

This year, we would like to gather feedback to help us improve the CNA, so the process is more user-friendly, streamlined, and meaningful to districts determining the practices and resources needed for continuous school improvement. As you are updating your district’s CNA this year, please share your thoughts and ideas for improving the process with Jess Caron ( and Rita Pello (  


Please remember, the best person to connect with to answer questions related to ESEA Federal Programs is your Regional Program Manager. They will get you the answer if they do not have it readily available.  

Typical Turnaround Time 

If you try to reach any one in the ESEA Department via e-mail or telephone (and we are unable to answer), the typical turn-around time is within 48 hours. 

If you submit an application, performance report, or carryover report for review and potential approval, the typical turn-around time is within two weeks.  

If you have not heard back from us within the time frame we have outlined, please reach out to us again. 


We encourage Business Managers to submit monthly invoices for all ESEA titles. 

Professional Learning Opportunities 

Professional Learning offered through the Department of Education is a fantastic resource for supporting leadership development for administrators and educators. The Department’s professional learning calendar is available at  

For more information about professional learning opportunities specific to Tier III identified schools, please contact Teri Peaslee, Professional Development Coordinator at or (207) 530-7672. 

Contact Information 

As always, reach out to your ESEA regional program manager with questions. Your feedback is encouraged and appreciated so please contact the Federal Programs Director, Cheryl Lang, at with feedback and suggestions.