B-5 for ME: Quality, Accessibility, and Affordability of Services for Maine’s Children & Families


The Maine Department of Education, in collaboration with Maine Department of Health and Human Services was awarded the Preschool Development Grant, Birth- Age 5 in 2019. This 1 year, 1-million-dollar grant is a planning grant to study and improve the Early Child Care and Education mixed delivery system in the state of Maine with the goal of creating an aligned, efficient, and high-quality system for all children birth-age 5 and their families, especially those who are considered vulnerable.

All Maine’s children and their families will receive the services they need through an efficient, data-driven, evidenced-based and non-duplicated system to ensure they are ready for kindergarten.

This initiative will include reviewing needs assessments and strategic plans recently completed by organizations around the state, completing a new comprehensive needs assessment, developing an interagency data system, and creating a strategic plan to move forward. The needs assessment will gather input from in-kind contributing partners, and from stakeholders across the state, including parents. Once completed, a strategic plan will be created with goals and plans to address the needs identified.  Maine will have the opportunity to apply for an implementation grant at the end of 2019, which will fund the future work for the B-5 system.

In addition to the efforts noted, there will be work around increasing parental knowledge and choice, sharing practices that are evidence-based, and improving overall quality of programming for children birth-age 5.

Preschool Development Grant Application

Preschool Development Grant, Birth-5

Timeline 2019-2020

PDG timeline arrow


Milestone Dates:

  • January 1, 2019- Awarded PDG, B-5
  • January 1-November 2019- Needs Assessment
  • January 1, 2019-June 30, 2020- Activities to maximize parental knowledge and choice, shared evidence-based practice, improve quality of programming
  • August 2019-April 2020- Strategic Plan
  • November-December 2019- Apply for PEG renewal grant
  • June 30, 2020- Grant Expires
Karen Bergeron
Preschool Development Grant Director
Maine Department of Education
Office: 207-624-6636
Email: karen.j.bergeron@maine.gov