Perkins On-Line Grant System Approvers

Maine career and technical education (CTE) on-line grant sections and their approvers.


On-Line Grant Section

CTE Approver

Cover Sheet and Signature Page Tiner, Donna
Program Status Norton, Nigel
Site Profile Tiner, Donna
Administration Plan Tiner, Donna
Academic Attainment / Credential, Certificate or Degree Tiner, Donna
Placement Norton, Nigel
Services for Special Populations Despins, Danielle
Preparation for Nontraditional Careers Despins, Danielle
Completion/Graduation/School Retention and Transfer Tiner, Donna
Collaboration Plan Robertson, Doug
Evaluation Plan Tiner, Donna
Skill Attainment Tiner, Donna
Technology Improvement Tiner, Donna
Professional Development Plans Norton, Nigel
Accountability Lagasse, Shawn
Equipment Purchases (135-4) Tiner, Donna
Budget Tiner, Donna
Assurances and Certifications Tiner, Donna
Workforce Education Annual Status Checklist Tiner, Donna
Center/Region Advisory Meeting Report (AMR) Menu Lagasse, Shawn
Final Approval Tiner, Donna