Maine Charter School Commission

The Maine Charter School Commission ("Commission") was created by Public Law 2011, Chapter 414 and is one of two entities permitted to authorize public charter schools in Maine.

The Commission can authorize up to 10 public charter schools throughout the state during the first 10 years of Maine's charter school law.

While the Commission receives some staff support from the Maine Department of Education, it is an independent body.

The Commission consists of seven (7) members appointed by the State Board of Education for three-year terms. Three members must be members of the State Board of Education, and they nominate the other four (4) members from the public at large, who must be approved by a majority vote of the State Board of Education.

Current members are:

Fern Desjardins, Seat #1 (Also State Board of Education)

Jana Lapoint, Seat #2 (Also State Board of Education)

John Bird, Vice Chair, Seat #3 (Also State Board of Education)

Dr. J. Michael Wilhelm, Chair, Seat #4

Shelley Reed, Seat #5

Jim Rier, Seat #6

Laurie Pendleton, Seat #7