Leadership & Vision

Acting Commissioner Tom Desjardin and the Leadership Team at the Maine Department of Education are working to build an agency that supports educators across the state in their mission to help all students reach their potential and leave school prepared for the rigors of college, careers and civic life.

To accomplish that, the Maine DOE is working toward an education system that engages and challenges every student, is customized to each student's individual needs and harnesses the power of technology to enhance and individualize learning.

  • Commissioner Desjardin. Learn about Maine's Acting Education Commissioner Tom Desjardin.
  • Strategic Plan. Maine DOE released "Education Evolving: Maine's Plan for Putting Learners First" in January 2012. Read the plan and join the ongoing, online discussion about the priorities, goals and action steps it outlines to form an education system designed around student needs.
  • Promising Practices Tour. Former Commissioner Stephen Bowen visited each of the state's nine superintendent regions before the end of the 2012-13 school year to see firsthand the kinds of innovative practices schools are implementing that are showing promise and that are helping to forward the priorities in the Department's strategic plan.
  • Legislation & Rulemaking. Keep track of legislative business that affects education and the development of state rules that affect how laws are implemented.
  • Share Your Views. The Department wants to hear from you. What do you think students need to be prepared for college and careers? How can schools and the Maine DOE better meet those needs? Contact us or join the conversation by commenting in the Maine DOE Newsroom.