Innovative Pathways


Recognizing the vast expertise and experience of Maine’s educators and school leaders, we support innovation and student-centered approaches in providing all students with the opportunity to learn and demonstrate achievement of the Maine Learning Results Standards. In the coming months, we will be posting a clearinghouse of resources and supporting a statewide network of educator-to-educator sharing of ideas for innovative learning pathways. Here are a few of the many courses, programs, units of study, special endorsements, and other pathways offered across the state, allowing students to learn, demonstrate achievement, and meet graduation requirements:

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& Environmental Learning

Grow learning opportunities with an emphasis on Maine's rich natural resources.  

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Career Exploration and Development

Discover ways to start planning and saving for your future, today.

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Career Technical Education

Our innovative and 21st century CTE schools are building our citizens and our future economy, providing skills and experiences in a wide array of fields. 

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Citizenship &
Civic Engagement

Perhaps the most important lesson we can teach our children is how to be positive leaders and contributing citizen in our society.

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Computer Science

3-D printing, coding, robotics and web design, computer science is ubiquitous in Maine classrooms, and can be a pathway to credits towards graduation and micro-credentials to a career.

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Distance Learning

Overcome boundaries and barriers with anytime, anyplace learning.

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Intercultural Communication

Maine has a history of many languages, and offers students exciting opportunities to develop linguistic skills and cultural knowledge for the global village in which we live.

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Extended Learning Opportunities

Learning goes beyond the classroom walls, and for many Maine students, authentic, real world experiences is part of the curriculum and the pathway to graduation.

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Early College

Maine colleges and universities are valuable partners, and offer on campus, online and blended opportunities for high school students to take college level courses.

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Service Learning / Interdisciplinary Project Based Learning

Real life doesn’t divide the world into subjects, and neither do these experiences.  Students have opportunities to learn through interest driven problem-solving.

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STEM/STEAM Endorsement Pathways

Kids love to experiment and create, and these pathways encourage our youngest to see the world as their laboratory, while high school students may earn an endorsement or other opportunities in the STEAM fields. 

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Visual and Performing Arts Pathway

With a proud and acclaimed history as a community of and for artists, Maine students benefit from the beautiful surroundings and abundance of mentors and patrons for the arts. Music, theater, art in all mediums, our students shine, and some earn VPA endorsements for their diploma. 

Note: Items on this page are intended to be resources and are not considered endorsements.