Summer Activity Calendar Ideas

Create a summer activity calendar with a variety of experiences in which students can participate.  Use a blank calendar template to offer an idea for each day.  Below are examples of ideas that could frame themes and/or content on which calendars could focus as well as pre-created calendars for reference.  Keep calendars simple and engaging for families. 

Theme/Content Ideas

  • Sing and Dance calendar with links to songs, lyrics, Go Noodle videos etc.
  • STEM – choice board/calendar that may include phenomenon based exploratory ideas. Could include cooking, outdoor exploration, weather, paper airplanes, observations, virtual field trips, etc.
  • Get Messy Calendar – paint, play in the dirt, etc. 
  • Literacy Calendar – phonics, spelling, retelling, story sequence, etc.
  • Grade level/Content area choice boards. 
  • I Spy Summer Alphabet Calendar 

Calendar Samples 

Great Schools Calendars for Grades K-5--calendars with 4 weeks of activities across multiple content areas.  

Early Elementary Daily Calendars—constructed for Pre-K but very appropriate for K and grade 1. 

Summer Learning Calendars—from 2020, but available for K-Middle school and in both English and Spanish 

For the summer of 2020, LaGrange Illinois District 105 developed summer learning calendars in English and Spanish for grades K-8. Below you will see a screen shot of the kindergarten calendar. Looking at these calendars may help guide in calendar development.  

D105 Calendar Example used for Decorative Purposes