School Bus Refurbishment Program Update

Maine Military Authority (MMA) has completed its work for the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority contract. As part of the process of winding down operations, MMA will no longer be able to contract for school bus refurbishment and has reached out to school districts to inform them of the changes in their operations. 

For school bus refurbishment contracts that have been completed, the Maine Department of Education will make subsidy payments. 

Further guidance will be available to districts as soon as possible.

The Maine DOE thanks the field for their patience as we work through this change. Our mutual goal is to ensure safe transportation operations for Maine students. We will collaborate at all levels to achieve this critical goal.

Districts that were considering refurbishment services may be eligible for the Maine school bus purchase program. An overview of the program is available on the Department website (PDF).

If you have questions about the school bus purchase program or refurbishment, please contact Pat Hinckley, Transportation and Facilities Administrator, at or 207-624-6886.