2023 Maine School Winter Wellness Summit Keynote Speakers

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OPENING KEYNOTE:  Nancy H. Rothstein, The Sleep Ambassador® is a globally known sleep expert on a quest to raise awareness, educate and provide strategies to optimize sleep for all. Sleep is integral to health, performance, productivity, safety, and well-being. Recognizing that only you can sleep for you, Nancy’s goal is to empower people to enhance their sleep so they can live at their best.

View Nancy's opening Keynote: Sleep: Key To Your Health  


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CLOSING KEYNOTE:  Larry Weaver is a comedian and motivational speaker that delivers a one-of-a-kind, interactive, and uplifting message. He will illustrate keys to a positive attitude which is crucial to success and simply having more fun at work. Larry will leave you laughing, learning, and better equipped to become more positive in your personal and professional life.


2020 Maine School Winter Wellness Summit Keynote Speakers

​  Murray Banks  Murray Banks, www.murraybanks.com 

 George ManningGeorge Manning, Read feature article about George in Maine Seniors Magazine!


The Summits offer sessions that addressed the Physical-Emotional-Mental-Social-Spiritual and Occupational dimensions of health with a special emphasis on Mental Wellness for all!


The goal of the Summits were to prepare and empower participants to create healthy, positive and safe schools for all school personnel and students by promoting policies and environmental practices that support healthier schools, improve personal health and well-being, and enhance academic achievement.  As the saying goes, "timing is everything" and this could not have been a truer statement given the events that followed the Summit. We have heard from attendees how they put resources they received to work amid the COVID-19 events.