Tri State Conference

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May 1, 2019
Mill Falls at the Lake
Meredith, NH 

This year's conference featured Keynote Speaker Chef Patrick Garmong, Associate Director of Culinary Education and Training for the Institute of Child Nutrition.  

This is what the day looked like.

Workshop Session 1 

Team Nutrition Resources to Support Child Nutrition Programs
Flavor Building and Marketing Through Flavor (pdf)
USDA Foods Taste Test (pdf)
Start Your Day with Breakfast Success
Marketing Your Food Program: Communicating Our Tasty News
Promoting and Supporting Breastfeeding (pdf)

Workshop Session 2 

Food Buying Guide for Child Nutrition Programs: Digital Tools You can Use
Mise en place: Organizing for Recipe Production (pdf)
FOIA 101: Understanding the Freedom of Information Act (pdf)
Standardized Recipes and Production Records; Corn in a Cup, Fruity French Toast Wraps (pdf)
Food Safety from Farm & Garden to Preschool

Workshop Session 3 

Are You Ready? Feeding Kids & Your Community During a Disaster (pdf)
Civil Rights Requirements in Child Nutrition Programs
Buy American-Compliance for School in the National School Lunch Program
Writing a Comprehensive Corrective Action Plan (pdf)
After School At Risk Suppers in Schools